Our Services

Company Setup

Here all you have to do is fill in your own details such as :- Company details- Name, address, phone numbers, email details fax.


The features of this program is that you place your prices in the fields as a guide, should you wish to discount any price on any setting for any reason, all you have to do is mark it down as you like.


Decide whether it’s a standard invoice or an invoice with insurance details. Creating an invoice will be as simple as filling in the customer details.

Quoting & Staff

How many times have you typed up calculated the glass and material for a job and written up a quote, then had to post or email it off.


Some Glaziers have their office staff or partners help answer the phone, sometimes confusing the wrong thickness glass with the area permitted to glaze,

Purchase Orders

Simply create a purchase order and email or fax it off to your supplierin seconds.

Label Printing

We added label printing, as a customer suggested that with the cost of a cheap label printer $75.00 he could produce labels that made his business look more professional when people picked up or delivered glass, instead of writing sticky notes on glass.

Fast Quotes

Here we developed a fast quote for when people ring up and want a quote with the ability to save for a time you choose, it a mini program of the larger Quota system the program has.


Are easily made by selecting the invoice number. Selecting type of payment. Selecting and details about the invoice if needed.


Find over due invoices for 1-15 days 16-90 90+ Find overdue invoices for a selected client. Print reports for monthly statements or financial year you select the date fields