Find over due invoices for 1-15 days 16-90 90+

Find overdue invoices for a selected client
Print reports for monthly statements or financial year you select the date fields

Find payment or part payments

Print a list of all invoices and amounts and transfer to MYOB

Insurance Companies

List the insurance companies and there details so you can email them a invoice and get payment much faster than getting the client to send things in.

Delivery Docket

*I know you’re thinking I don’t need a delivery docket I am a small glazier

I thought the same, until I started delivering picture frame glass to a framer, we just print up a order and once its delivered and signed we convert to an invoice.


Search for Previously done a jobs


Savings this invoice program will make for you

You will no doubt save a lot of time invoicing

Sending out reminders will be just a click of a mouse

Creating quotes

Postage: emailing and faxing invoices

Ability to post, fax or email insurance companies directly, speeding up payments

Graphs & Charts

Monthly Sales can be viewed as a chart for quick and easy reporting

Expenses view your expenditure where all your money is going

Glass buddy will display exactly your situation it lists sales expenditure, received money and projected profit. It will give you a clear understanding how you’re business is going

We have now added a work Organizer/Scheduler to help plan your time when booking in jobs, simply drag or click information across as you desire