* Decide whether it’s a standard invoice or an invoice with insurance details

*Creating an invoice will be as simple as filling in the customer details,

*Selecting if you want to post, email, or fax them the invoice

* Select if you want the glass information shown on the invoice

or just list the type of glass installed
or with the type of glass & the size
or with the size type size and the meter square rate

*Fill in any order or reference numbers

*Select the glaziers who were on site if you want, so you can recall who did the job.

*Select the type of job is just a click (replaced broken glass in window with new glass )

*Select the type of glass used with a click, put in the sizes you used.

*mention any edgework if any with just click

*mention any materials, silicon, beading, fixtures or complete shower screens if needed

*the program will calculate the labour, and the glass, edgework, and materials

*create an invoice and email post or fax within a minute, think how much you could save by emailing or faxing invoices

Invoice Bill Sample

Download Invoice Bill Sample